Thursday, March 9, 2017

Evolution In Aerospace Robotics Technology & Its Market Growth

Analysing some facts behind aerospace robotics technology like increasing use of robots for efficient aircraft production, growing use of robotics to handle aircraft order backlogs, and increasing labour costs are factors driving the aerospace robotics market.

Some of the top application where aerospace robotics manufacturer needs to focus:

>>Drilling and Fastening  



>>Painting & Coating

>>Rigid manufacturing

These five factors of application gives rapid growth in aerospace robotics technology, for example,

"The manual driller is quite difficult and complex, as well as some powerful tools need to perform these drilling steps, using robots, there is no need of specific design, the robot uses a vision system to drill the hole(s) at the desired spot(s). Additionally, the drilling steps can be performed in a single pass. Robots are a huge time-saver for people when they can do a job in one pass"

Talking about its type, the market has been segmented into SCARA, cylindrical, articulated, cartesian, and others. The articulated type segment is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. Articulated robots are preferred in most aircraft manufacturing processes owing to their high flexibility and precision.

Based on component, the market has been segmented into controller, arm processor, drive, end effector, and sensors. The controller segment, estimated to be the largest component segment of the market in 2016, is also projected to remain the largest by 2022. The rise in aircraft deliveries is expected to drive the aerospace robotics market, which will consequently result in healthy growth for the controller segment.

Aerospace robotics has every here in world but specifically most growing regions such as  North America, Europe &Asia-Pacific.

Research said that, The aerospace robotics market is projected to grow from usd 1.81 Billion in 2016 to usd 4.54 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 16.55%.

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The report also covers competitive developments, such as long-term contracts, new product launches and developments, and research & development activities in the aerospace robotics market, in addition to business and corporate strategies adopted by key market players.

Recent Key Market Players:

The aerospace robotics market comprises robot manufacturers, such as KUKA AG (Germany), FANUC Corporation (Japan), ABB Group (Switzerland), and Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Japan); as well as system integrators, such as Electroimpact (U.S.), Oliver Crispin Robotics Limited (U.K.), and Universal Robots A/S (Denmark), among others. 

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