Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Current Trends Of "Flexible Electronics Market"

Flexible electronics is one of the major technological advancement in the field of semiconductor and electronics devices.

This flexible electronics is the advanced form of electronics that has just started penetrating into the consumer products market in the form of e-book, signage, smartphone, and e-paper applications. In addition, it is also being deployed in military applications. However, the overall market is still in its novelty and expected to gain momentum by 2017.

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The trends of this market is classified into the major components such as; flexible displays, flexible batteries, and flexible sensors, photovoltaic (thin film CIGS), among others.

Consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, aerospace and defense, energy and power are considered in the flexible electronics applications segment. The market for consumer electronics applications is expected to grow at a highest CAGR of 44.30% in the forecast period. This is mainly due to the fact that emerging  technologies have a better endurance in the consumer electronics segment for the products such: as smart phones, televisions, tablets, are among others.

The flexible electronics market is expected to reach $13.23 Billion by 2020. Currently Thin film photovoltaic (CIGS) accounted for largest share mainly because of the fact that CIGS panels are widely used for secondary power generation across the globe. In coming years, along with the consumer electronics automotive and healthcare sectors are expected to grow faster.

Many factors contribute to the rise of flexible electronics; they are: more ruggedness, lightweight, portable, and less cost, with respect to production as compared to rigid substrate electronics. Basic electronic structure is composed of a substrate, backplane electronics, a front plane, and encapsulation.

The geographical analysis contains the in-depth classification of Americas, Europe, and APAC, which contains the major countries covering the market. Further, the Middle-East and Africa have been classified under the RoW region.

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